Newest CIS - Will not install on 64bit Win 7

Hello. After downloading and double-clicking the latest CIS (I only require the firewall) I received an error window titled: Comodo Installer, which contains the message:
“this installation does not support target platform”.

I believe this application is supposed to run on Wndows 7 64 bit since version 3. A search of the 'web and this site have produced no results. Surely I cannot be the only person in the universe to receive this error.

Does anybody have a clue what this means?

Thanks for your time.

this may help .

Thank-you for the reference, but the installer is not getting that far. It does not unpack any files, merely displays the error; “this installation does not support target platform”.

Can anybody recommend other places on the web that are more helpful than this forum appears to be?


Hello Wreckage. Welcome to the Forum.

On a personal note, this forum not only provides technical support, but provides assistance based on user experience. If other users have not experienced what you are describing, it will be harder to get the answers you seek. This is not to say you won’t receive valuable and friendly help, and may even receive several solutions that will work for you.

What installer did you run? The online installer, or the offline installer?
If online, maybe you experienced a connection issue. Please try the installers found in this thread.

I am having the same issue, using a Vista 64 bit system. I got the download from, after checking comodo’s site to see if the firewall was usable with the 64 bit, which it says it is. I have used the comodo firewall about a year ago, and it loaded and worked fine then, but now , it stops the installer with the "target platform " issue. I was using zonealarm , but it had compatibility issues with the Avast! anti-virus and Firefox browser.

I got this to work for me , here is how I did it. I went to Comodo’s web site, to the free firewall, make sure you select the 64 bit download from drop down menu. I guess the one from is the 32 bit. It does not say what it is compatible with on the system requirements page at Hope this helps.

Downloading wrong version happens if you disable javascript.
Then you download always 32 Bit cfw_installer_x86.exe.
You need cfw_installer_x64.exe.

just enable javascript once an try again.