Newest CIS premium unable to detect new network.

Newest CIS premium unable to detect network automatically.

The only thing listed in my network zone is the loop back zone. Am I protected this way?

I have found most of the time it takes 2 re-boots of accepting (clicking OK on) the New-Network before it shows up in Networks along with the loopback zone.
These are only required if you need to allow a specific network anyway, i.e. creating LAN rules etc.
It has no bearing on what is allowed or not, unless a rule is created for a network.
Try another re-boot and see if the new network found box pops up again. Make sure you click OK and dont just close the window. You are still protected. Try moving the Firewall slider up to Custom and open a program which connects to the internet (say a Malwarebytes update) and you should receive a pop up alert. Remember if you wish to move back to Safe mode for the Firewall dont have “remember my answer” ticked otherwise a rule will be created in Network Security Policy.

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Thanks Matty Microsoft network has shown up but my ISP has not.