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I have just downloaded and installed Comodo Backup version 2.2.127000.12. I am unclear as to how the backup will work. As I see it the program has to be running for the backup to occur. I am unable to find any kind of setting to minimize the application to the system tray. Do I have to open the program everytime I start my computer and leave it open? Or am I missing something really simple??? I’m using Windows 7 BTW.

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When you install Comodo Backup V2, it also installs a service that runs in conjunction with the application. This service runs the scheduled backup jobs, regardless of whether the application is open or not.

Just define a backup job that you want to run repeatedly and set up a schedule for it. The job will then be automatically run according to the schedule you have selected during the job definition.

An alternative method is to define a backup job and then export the job to a script. This script can then be added to the Windows Scheduled Task list and it will run according to the Widows schedule.

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Thanks for the help this works using the simple copy option. Is this true if you choose the synchronize option as well?? It does not seem to work for me…

Sync copies should also run without the app being opened. Doulbe check the source and destinmation folcers and the sync interval you have set. Copy a new file to the source folder just before the sync interval expires and the, in a cuople of minutes, check to see if it is in the destination folder.

Ewen :slight_smile: