Newbie vs Comodo. Newbie Wins First Round. (barely)

  1. Newbie does 3 day’s worth online research to find best freeware replacement for sucky, pre-installed firewall. She chooses comodo partly based on reviews claiming ease of use for novices.

  2. Newbie carefully prints, downloads and studies instructions for safely removing previous and installing new comodo program, and waits nervously for 4 days for new release.

  3. Newbie obsessively follows instructions to THE LETTER so as not to ■■■■■ up computer thereby requiring expensive Geek Squad house call, since she doesn’t know enough to fix things that go wrong.

  4. Newbie chews fingernails to quick while restarting computer after installation of new Beta Comodo Firewall, which she thinks was suspiciously easy.

  5. Computer fails to connect to internet.

  6. Newbie has small nervous breakdown.

  7. Newbie re-reads all instructions and help files, repeats where possible, re-examines entire computer for leftover sucky program remnants, restarts computer.

  8. Computer fails to connect to internet.

  9. Newbie has slightly bigger nervous breakdown.

  10. Newbie repeats 7,8,and 9 for several hours, as frustration mounts. Newbie has on-line job applications out and MUST have internet access!!!

  11. Newbie finally desparately calls fellow computer idiot friend, asks them to log on to Comodo Forum and ask for help, cussing comodo company all the while.

  12. While on-line registering at forum, Friend jokingly says, “you DID plug the internet cable back into the phone jack, didn’t you?”

  13. Newbie says “…oops…”

  14. Computer connects to internet. {sigh…}

Ahhhhhhhh, that was a good laugh. (:LGH)

Hehe. ;D ;D ;D I needed that. (:CLP)

LOL (:LGH) At least you got it working.

Welcome to Comodo,


Welldone Newbie! :slight_smile:


That was a good laugh. :smiley: I initially thought it was another thread bashing Comodo. ;D Anyway, good job, newbie.

Yours truly,

Heh heh heh…next project is removing and replacing Norton AV. Eee Gawds!

Hi Bruhaha,
Removing Norton can be a real pain.
Follow this link if you have a newer version of Norton. It might be helpful. Good luck!

By the way, CPF is an excellent program. Welcome to Comodo! ;D

THat was funny, but yuh know what, we all have blonde (no offense to anyone who actually is blonde) moments like that. It happens to the very best. That aside welcome to comodo.

Don’t use this uninstaller. It will cause a lot of problems with other applications.
Only use it if you don’t have anything else but symantec products on your pc.

ps. I used it 2 months for eliminating ghost and I spended 2 hours on correcting missing registry errors.

@ pandlouk,
I used this awhile back to remove Norton 2004, and I had no trouble. I wasn’t aware of any trouble with it. If you think it’s harmful, I won’t recommend it to anyone else! ::slight_smile:

I didn’t meant that. You can recommend it only when the normal uninstaller of their symantec programs fails. It can cause errors on other applications that have the installshield engine as their installer. Just worn them to have ready the installers of their programs just in chase.

ps. For sure it cause problems at Easy media creator v7 & v8 (I don’t remember the 5 other programs that I had to fix manually or reinstall, sorry (:SAD))

Hi everyone, I’ve found that running the programs on this page help get rid of NAV without causing problems with other programs.

Hi marc57,
I’m afraid this is the download version of the one KingKull has posted earlier

This was a good one. (:CLP)

[b]Olá, Bruhaha.

Sua história é muito bonitinha e simpática!
Parabéns e seja benvinda.

José Brasil :D[/b]