Newbie. Tried guides and Faq. Still lost. Can anybody please help?

I have installed CIS and am trying to understand the Firewall so as to ensure it is offering the maximum protection.

But despite reading many posts about setting up, I am still unsure as to whether it is setup right.

Would anybody please be willing to answer my questions regarding setting up, what I have and how I might need to change the settings?

Thanks in advance.



to get the most out of CIS, simply do this.

  • Right click CIS system tray>Configuration>COMODO - Proactive Security

that will bring up almost all the power of CIS.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have a greyed out option ‘proactive security - updated updated updated’ which has a tick, plus a non greyed option at the bottom underneath 3 other options.

Does this mean its already done? or do I have to click on the bottom one?

And what does this actually mean? Do I need to wipe all of the settings I currently have set?
Does it matter that I have 2x PC’s connected to 1x router, and both have CIS installed?


Ive just followed this (having just found it in a search).

I hope this is good information.

It is a good guide. It works best when the user does not often install new software.