newbie to Comodo

Having used Kerio 2.1.5 for years, I finally decided to move to a new firewall and found Comodo to be the best of the lot after trying several well-known and not so well-known firewalls.

My personal preference is to run standalone apps instead of suites, so when looking at the history logs, I went with Comodo Version So in terms of security and avoiding bloat, did I do the right thing here?

Thinkpad T40
Panda AntiRookkit

Cisco Systems PCI Wireless Adaptor
Nokia PC Suite T-Mobile 3g
Sony Ericsson PC Suite T-Mobile 3g

errr you should use the latest CIS.the latest version has several bugs fixed & even faster than the standalone CFP. you can choose not to install the AV upon installation :■■■■


Thanks for getting back to me. Folowup question. When you say bug fixes, does that mean security fixes? If so, I’ll upgrade, otherwise I prefer standalone. Having said that, I will read the threads to see how the suite has been received by the users.

Again, much thanks.

you can find the release history of CIS here
(the .424 is the update from CFP3 latest :stuck_out_tongue: )
why do you insist of having an outdated software anyway ;D
CIS is faster & have less pop up than CFP.
and maybe you’ll be interested in the AV too. my comp is faster using full CIS compared to when i was using CFP & avast