Newbie request help with database update

I am running Antivirus 6.3.297838.2953 17278 on an XP SP3 34 bit pc and when I recevied a notice that my virus signature database is not up to date I have tried both the Fix It button and the Update button and both take me to an update wondow that tells me it is checking for signature updates; however, it says it is in progress and for over an hour nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong? Additionally I would like to be able to configure Comodo Antivirus to automatically update, but can find no settings that would allow it. Perhaps that is only for the paid version?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


The free version absolutely is supposed to auto-update. In fact, the free version has just as much protection as the paid version. It’s just that with the paid version you get access to additional services. However, the core protection is the same.

By default it should auto-update. You shouldn’t need to make any changes in order for it to do that. It sounds to me like something is likely wrong with your installation, for whatever reason.

Please open up the main screen. Then click on the question mark icon, select support, and choose diagnostics. Let me know if the diagnostics finds any problems. If possible, let it try and fix any issues it finds and let me know if that solves the problem.

If not then please let me know and we’ll continue from there.


I’ve had exactly the same problem. It stalls at the signature update. Out of desperation I went to task manager and stopped “dragon updater.exe” and that seemed to unblock it.

I have a suspicion that the updater stops responding - if I tell Comodo to terminate the download then it never manages to do so.

My CIS Premium 5.12 fails to update the virus signature database. I’m using version 17498. CIS Diagnostics OK, CIS is updated.
When I retry later I can see no actual bytes downloading, it would seem like the CIS updater is just trying to again install the latest download.
I’m using Windows XP, fully updated.