Newbie relieved, happy and still a bit confused

I can’t believe it! :wink:

If I could do it anyone can! I was very anxious to install a firewall, expecting error messages, incompatibility or worse, to answer questions I wouldn’t understand, etc. because I have a old machine with Windows XPpro and Windows 2000 SP1.

I just downloaded, set to automatic and that’s was all!! (:CLP) It did all by itself, a breeze, a dream, at once, first time good. Everything works fine, no slowdown whatsoever (with my little HD and little memory). It recognise the applications you already have, till now I had only one popup after automatic installing, when I start my email. It just asked if it was ok.

I just have some questions, just to ease my mind:

  • You are sure everything is well protected? (naah, just joking, but still…) (old parano) (:SHY)

  • I have Spysweeper on (I can see it in the taskmanager) but the icon doesn’t appear anymore in the systemtray.

  • I don’t have AVG showing at all in “applications” but it’s on, (checked taskmanager), so I can’t do the tweak with AVGMC.exe > skip advanced security check. Why?

And important: should I get rid of TrojanHunter and Spysweeper, is Comodo firewall enough?

Thank you again for this jewel. I try to convince everyone, now. (R)


Security → Application Monitor → +Add
Application / Parent Application
Broswe to your AVG.exe folder
Allow all activities from this application

Oh… and also get Comodo AntiVirus, Comodo AntiSpam and all their FREE GOODIES (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Hi translien,
Welcome to Comodo!
I’m not familiar with TrojanHunter, but I run SpySweeper with CPF, and have no trouble. I personally recommend a firewall, a good AV program, an active anti-spyware program, and Ad-Aware or Spybot as backup. Some people use several anti-spy programs, but it’s up to each person to decide.
As to not seeing SpySweeper in the sys-tray, perhaps it’s icon is set to hide when inactive?

Be cautious of CAVS as it is still in BETA , this rule applies to everything that has “BETA” next to it’s name.

cheers, rotty

I don’t know how to do it. I know how to browse to avg.exe folder. And then? I have several files in this folder. Is it enough to put avg.exe ? And what to I put in parent directory? Ah, that’s it : I don’t understand a thing about this parent directory.
(:SHY) :-[

Don’t know if you’re still around, translien, but I thought I’d answer this question for you, since you are/were confused… :wink:

If you’re needing to:

When you go to Security/Application Monitor/Add, you’ll set that same executable, AVGMC.exe as the "Application. If you’re unsure of the parent, just click “Learn Parent.” Obviously, you want to set it to “Allow” and “Skip” the advanced check; when you’re done, click OK and you’re set. Then CPF will set the parent for you… easy as pie!

Also recommend running the Scan for Known Applications wizard if you have not done so. Security/Tasks, it’s down in the bottom right corner.