Newbie questions

So far I like CIS but have to (embarrassingly) easy questions.
I have read a post of over a year ago stating (I think) CIS doesn’t log a scan that finds no problems but a later version should have the capability. I can’t find it. Since I run my scans overnight, I would really like some way to confirm the scan ran. Is there a way to do this?
I have read a post explaining how to have CIS run a scan on another PC (laptop) on my network. The instructions were a little sketchy. Where can I learn how to do this?

Can you please go to to Antivirus => Antivirus Events => click the ‘More’ button. Under the Antivirus logs can you click on the button that says Tasks launched. My guess is that this would show whether a scheduled scan ran or not.

I can’t answer the other question.

Yeah, I’ve been there. From what I understand, scans only appear there when a virus/threat is detected. I have 4 scans I run and one of them will appear on that list every few days. The others never appear (which I suppose is good).
What I want is to find out how long these scans run. 30 minutes? 9 hours? I know one of them will frequently run 6 hours to scan 110G. Dunno if that is normal or not.

If all you want to know is how long it takes you can manually run a scan yourself. Once it’s finished the screen will stay until you exit it. This will tell you how long it takes.

The length of the scan also depends on the number of files, how you have the settings (ie maximum size), and the types of files on the HD.

Also, the newest version of CIS should be coming out within the next week, unless there are delays, and it appears to scan more quickly.

OK the new version solved my problem. No more freezing in the Microsoft Framework folder . . . yet. Hope this works permanently.
Now, about scanning another computer on the network. Where can I learn how to do this?

So far I haven’t been able to define a scan that will automatically scan other computers on my network, but I am able to scan them by opening the other computer in explorer.exe and right-clicking folders or files and selecting “Scan with COMODO Antivirus”. You don’t get the scan option if you right click the computer name in the Network window, but you do if you open one of the computers and pick a file or folder.
I haven’t tried, but perhaps if you map a network drive, it would then enable you to Create a New Scan (from the Run a Scan option in the Comodo GUI) that would include the files on the network computer.

You can see if a scan has run by looking in the Tasks Launched log. It shows how many files have been scanned and if anything was found.