newbie questions [resolved]

Hello, everyone, can some kind soul help a confused newbie, and I apologise if these questions have been asked before but I could not find anything relevant via the search box.

  1. Why did Comodo give access permission to three of my security prog updaters without seeking my permission ( spywareblaster, spybot s+d and ad-aware)
    This is unsettling and leads to the question “What else has it allowed without permission?”

  2. When seeking permission to allow access to AVG anti-virus free updater and to it’s mail scanner, why did it tell me that the AVG “parent” was AVQ (with a Q)

  3. Having granted pemission to the AVG e-mail scanner, and having told Comodo to remember that instruction, Comodo now asks the same question everytime I open Outlook Express.
    I grant permission, tell Comodo to remember that but, alas, it seems to forget. I have about twelve entries for AVG mail scanner in the prog. control box.

I like this Comodo and would like to keep it, but the above three factors worry me. Have I done something wrong, is my download/install corrupt in some way or is it just how Comodo is ?

Any advice will be gratefully received. (:SAD)

Hi codywolf,
even though I’m a newbie myself I can help you at least with your first problem.
If you go to the “advanced” settings in “security” and then to “miscellaneous” you’ll probably find that you have ticked “Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by Comodo”.
I know that Ad-Aware is one of these certified apps, and I think Spywareblaster and Spybot s&d are too.
If you want to be sure everything is fine simply delete the rules in the application monitor for these 3 progs, uncheck the certified by comodo programmes box and then try to do an update for Ad-Aware or similar. Comodo should then ask your permission.

Question 2) No idea since I don’t use AVG Antivirus.

Question 3) Not sure here but simply check the parent paths of your 12 AVG mail scanner entries and see if they differ. I have 9 for Avira AntiVir but some are for updates (different parent paths), 2 are for the AntiVir Guard (identical, don’t know why but I don’t think it’s a problem), and 2 are for the AntiVir agent (again 2 different parent paths)

Hope at least my answer to question no. 1 was of any help. As for the rest, better wait until some pro finds your topic. As these people here are awesome I’m sure you’ll have the answers in no time.

Aha !!! Grampa, you are a hero and you have hit the nail on the head as far as question (1) goes.
Thank you for the courtesy of you reply, and for your help :BNC

Comodo is a little more technical to set up than I am used to, but will get there in the end with good help like this from you and like gurus. :smiley:

Glad to hear that. Hopefully you’ll get the answers to your other questions soon.
And don’t worry, (R)


Just got an idea and checked once more my AntiVir entries.

AntiVir is an invisble application, hence 2 entries here (invisible: ask / invisible: allow)

You should check this also for your AVG mail scanner.


  1. invisible applications get more than one entry in the application monitor.
  2. each parent that starts a respective application gets an own entry in the AM
  • you start a update to your Antivirus programme by clicking on a desktop icon : 1 entry
  • your AV autoupdates : 2 entries
  • you start an update to your AV by right-clicking on the taskbar icon: 3 entries

  • Check if it’s an invisible programme and then the parent paths.
    Hope that helped.

Hello again Grampa. On your advice, I have been checking all these paths etc., and what is happening is just as you describe it.
You have clarified a lot for me today, and with regard to Comodo, I am now a much happier bunny.

As to the mysterious “Q” in the AVG lists, I removed all permissions for that prog. then opened them up and they sought new permissions and this time they are all ok. Perhaps it was all down to my poor failing eyes.

Thank you for all your time and trouble, you have been a great help. :Beer

No trouble whatsoever and little time spent, so nothing to thank me for.
Have a nice day,


This is what I like about Comodo and its forums: Users helping other users.

Kudos to grampa, for helping a newbie, though he claimed that he is also a newbie. Yet as a newbie, grampa, you showed a lot of understanding of CFP’s workings :slight_smile:

And also a praise to codywolf. Being a newbie hitting some troubles, you just don’t give up but want to know what is actually going on.

Thumbs up to everyone (:CLP)

And of course a great big thank-you for the folks at Comodo who’s given this wonderful, powerful program for free.

Just a closing note: We all must realize that securing your PC is really a very complex task, especially due to the huge amount of softwares floating around. There is just no way we can secure ourselves… without the help of Comodo.


I’m utterly with you on that one, THANK YOU COMODO (L)

And a big THANK YOU to people like you, pepoluan, who help “us newbies” to learn a bit more about Comodo software each day.

Blasted, this is about the 5th time I’m looking for a COMODO FORUM ROCKS smiley without finding one (though a “you people rock!” smiley would do as well ;D)


Well said.
I’m with you, I think grampa is either a MVP or Melih in disguise. :smiley:

Yes indeed, guys, that Grampa is some guy. If he is a newbie, I can’t wait to meet the gurus. (:LGH)

I further resolved my problems by having a good look around the different boxes, panels, options in Comodo as I was still getting huge numbers of alerts about applications seeking access to the net, apps that I had thought were already covered.
Well, my well meaning and kindly partner through life’s struggles had thought to do the right thing for me, and she had gone into Application Behaviour Monitor>miscelanious and had set the alert frequency slider to very high…no wonder there was almost a continuous flow of alerts.
I have set that back to the default level, and am happier living with that. I think that anything above the default is for the experts, us newbies should stick with defaults at least until we know what we are doing !!!

Thanks again for all the help and comments.

Thanks to Grampa Guru’s solutions. That shall be his new alias from now on


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