Newbie Questions on Comodo Backup

Is Comodo Backup free for use on a PC at a place of business?

Will it backup folders from a Microsoft Network drive?

Can I install Comodo Backup without installing the Cloud Client? If so, how?

(We have moved from Windows XP to Windows 7, and Windows’ built-in backup and restore will no longer backup folders from network drives. I want to back up network folders to a USB hard drive.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Iggy64

Comodo Back is free for Personal User but paid for Business User.

If you a looking for a good back-up or a secondary back up.Then look at this site I use. < That has 5GB free and you can get extra free if you recommend people up to 32GB free.

So think about it. You can use the back-up you said as in I want to back up network folders to a USB hard drive.) But as a Secondary back-up try Sugarsync

Hope that helps



Thanks much, Nigel. Very helpful.

I kept reading and reading through the license agreement, and had a hard time discerning whether I could use the software on the job. I guess it’s in there somewhere, but I was getting a headache.

Glad I could help you through that.

Yes it can be Headache at first.

So I wish you luck on whatever you do and use.

Kind regards


Forgive me, Nigel, but I never had found any statement saying that CB is not free for business user. Where is it said?

Thanks in advance.

As far as I’m aware, COMODO Back-Up is free, but if you require more than 5GB of on-line storage then you have to pay.

Download the set-up file from here:-

When you run the installer if I remember rightly ( I’ve already got it installed so it will only show me Repair and Uninstall :frowning: ) you have the option to just install CBU or install CBU with On-Line Storage ( COS ).

With regards to backing up a Network Folder, yes this can be done as I use it :slight_smile:

The Help files are here:- Comodo Help
that show you how :slight_smile:

Hope This Helps :-TU

Yes, it helps. Thank you very much.