Newbie Question [Resolved]

I just started using CPF and find it impressive. I am now looking at CAVS but what I am confused about is that nowhere on the main website does this say that this can handle spyware yet it is free discussed here in the forums. Can someone please elaborate?


The implimentation of Spyware/Malware to CAVS database is slowly being added though it won’t fully be a part of CAVS until version 2.0 comes out on the 18th of September. A lot of amendments including intigrated spyware signatures in it’s database will be in version 2.0 Also CAVS 2 will include Host Intrustion Protection HIPS. Current detection rate is a little low but growing fast day by day. As CAVS is still in Beta it doesn’t have the VB100% certificate as VB require a full stable release of the program in order to test it. All being said it is still currently a good Antivirus and with definition signatures being added daily and with plans to have a further reduced footprint on memory it’ll turn out to be an amazing program just like CPF!

Hope this answered your questions…


Thanks. I look forward to using it.