Newbie question: everything allowed?

After i install any program, it’s automatically allowed on “network security suite”, even if doesn’t ask to connect to internet.

For example i installed Autocad and when i checked two processes were allowed to connect to the internet, and i was never asked about this.
I changed firewall security level, defense security level, firewall behavior settings, alert frequency level.
But this or any other application that is installed are always allowed.
If some are trusted vendors others are not.
Here’s the autocad example:

I only found out because i received news that i normally don’t receive while using other firewalls, and noticed it was green (allowed application). I immediately blocked this and other applications that i had no idea that were free to access to the internet, because i was never asked.

Thank you.

If you go to “Firewall”, “Advanced” and “firewall behaviour settings” you can change how it works. In “Safe mode” all safe applications can access the internet without a pop-up. in “custom policy mode” everything gets a pop-up to ask you.

Just to expand on what tc said a little,

If in Firewall/Advanced/Firewall Behaviour Settings->you set the Firewall security level to “Custom” and in the alert settings you move the slider to at least “High” you should receive a pop-up for any application which trys to access the internet but doesnt have a rule designated for it in “Application Rules”


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