newbie not got clue how to set up

Hi ppl im a bit of a novice at these fire
wall thingees and i havnt gota clue as to what too do with it. I look at the list of things that comodo allows/not allows ,most of which is microsoft stuff (loads of it) HELP PLEASE. Cheers from a technophobe

Welcome to the forums, edz (:WAV)

Given your moderate technophobia ;D you may want to check out the “set & forget” tutorial in this compilation thread:,6167.0.html

There’s also some other good stuff in there as well. We’ve tried to put together material that will help everyone out with common issues/questions so that they can get the most enjoyment out of the firewall, with the least amount of fuss.

If you have any specific problems or questions once using the firewall, be sure to check the Help section of the Firewall Boards, and post a question if you can’t find the solution.


My suggestion to security apps:

  1. Haf a disk image app (like acronis true image home, its not free, but its worth to spend money, i guarantee), backup an image of ur system drive and any thing important.
    now ur free of mind to go on.

  2. try watever u wan, if its wrong, u haf a way 2 go back w/o loss.

haf fun