Newbie....Need Help with Outlook Express

Please take pity on an old person … I’ve read through so many posts regarding Outlook Express and they either don’t address my problem or I’ve run out of live brain cells to decipher what I need to do. So, if you can help, please envision a blonde turned grey (which is 100 times worse) and be very specific.

I’ve had my firewall installed for approximately a month, love the way it works, didn’t have a problem until yesterday when it auto updated. I can’t receive email now. I have to turn off the firewall to receive. I didn’t change any settings after the update.

I don’t have a clue (not surprising for me) where to look or what to change to get it back working. The only thing that happened was the auto update.

I’m guessing you may need to create an additional network rule (to allow inbound access). Checking your logs may give you an idea what is being blocked. I don’t use Outlook Express myself so I’m not sure what ports are required but I’m sure someone who does, will be able to help you better.



Firstly, can set CPF to ‘allow all’ to help confirm it is CPF causing the issue.


I set it to allow all, and I can send and receive without a problem. Turn back to custom and I cannot send or receive.

Have you checked your logs to see if anything is blocked like Graham1 asked? Maybe put a screenshot of these after attempting a send/receive.


I was checking things when you posted. I did check and have posted a pic of the message. I then went and found a place that didn’t have a check mark beside the “skip loopback (127.x.x.x) TCP connections.” I put a checkmark beside it and now everything works fine. Am I suppose to have a check mark there? Please let me know. I included a pic of that also.

oops forgot attachments! Told ya…a grey headed blonde!

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I think this would be a problem if you were running a local proxy on your computer as this would allow any application that uses this setting (proxy) to make an outbound connection without prompting you. That said, you could create a rule manually for outlook express (i.e I would have thought that CPF would have allowed any communication for outlook express being a recognized app.