Newbie looking for practical configuration

I just completed the install of CIS Complete for three computers (with the assisst of the folks from GeekBudy). The toughest part of the set up seemed to have been the first time scan (one of which is still going after 10 hours).

On one of the other two computers, the scan started by itself right at midnight and seemed to want to go through the entire drive again.

I would like to know what are the most common settings that people use for AV, firewall, etc.

I will eventually have other questions. Prior to CIS Complete, I was using Norton 360. Despite having almost a full year left on the subscription, I removed it from the three computers and replaced it with Comodo.

So far I am alot happier. Suppot has been just about first class.

Anyway, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. BTW, I stopped that first “scheduled” scan.

Hi kama50,

Welcome to the forum.

I think this tuto (High quality HDMI cables in comparison - Gizmo's Best) made by Moderator Chiron may just be what you’re looking for.

Thanks Boris 3.

@ kama50, after reading it please let me know if you have any questions.