newbie help with remote wireless

My wife recently purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop with Vista as she travels quite frequently for work. I loaded Comodo at the recommendation of others.

As I’ve stayed with XP I have little knowledge of Vista or of remote wireless laptops. Tonight I got a call from the other side of the country saying Comodo indicated a program called Globalhookshell.dll wanted to link to explorer.exe. A quick search on Google indicated it might be a tcp\ip connection from her unsecured wireless hotel network or a keylogger. I told her to shut it down.

Unfortunately my wife is one of those people who believes technology should do what she wants rather than what it is designed for. I’m at a loss to know how to protect her laptop and would really appreciate any advice on how to configure Comodo and other software to best protect the laptop on the road.

See comments at;msg118006#msg118006 . As long as you stay away from Trusted Networks and follow a few simple rules, Comodo should take care of most of your concerns. She can set it up at home (you do have neighbors with wifi don’t you? :wink: ) and then be more comfortable with it on the road. If you look at firewall/Common Tasks/Stealth Port Wizard, alert or block would be a good starting point, depending on your tolerance for prompts. Assuming your wife is running a good virus checker and doesn’t download a bunch of unknown programs, the stuff like hooks within your computer is normal Windows functions. You need to watch out mostly for external things trying to make connections and take over your computer.