NEWBE-pls help--GMail= no stay on

I like Comodo Dragon and wish to keep it. I hope I am in the correct forum.
I ran the update to the new ver. Now when I go on GMail after about 1 min. it crashes (just the GMail tab) Ah Snap
pops up. If I keep it in a standard view it will work. I have 2 Gmail accounts and both do it.
I shut off the firewall (windows) and the antivirus (MS security essentials). Stiil goes to the Aw Snap error page.
I even tried running it sandboxed (just to see) and it did the same error.
I did a system restore with no luck.
I am not real thrilled to change my user profile. Is the another option?
Should I uninstall it?
Could use some help here getting to old to sit at a PC all night trying to track down problems. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced for any help

I also emptied the TMP files, cookies, history, cach


Does that also happen in Incognito mode?

Yes it does. But only the Gmail tab.
I am going to run another antivirus scan.

Which version is this happening on?

Is this with v68 Beta2 or v67?

If you don’t have the latest v68 Beta2 please could you see if that fixes your problem and report back?

going to beta now.
Is there a way to stop using Comodo Secure DNS if I use that option on install?
Should I use it?
I can’t help but wonder if it (Comodo Secure DNS option) is not seeing GMail as a malicious web site.

I will wait for your answer before I finish the install
Thanks again

on Firefox, it (GMail) runs fine, as IE also runs it OK
Which makes me really believe its a browser problem with CD
I also did a clean boot

I am leaning towards not using the Comodo Secure DNS
Anyway, after you let me know what you think about the Comodo Secure DNS on the install, I will finish the install
and go from there

Yes there is.

WE can now call it a success!!!
I ran the beta with out secure DNS and the GMail works fine so far. The last 20 mni.
Thanks for you time and help.
I do however have a couple questions if you are up for it.?

"Currently being used in 1 other location "
I like that you have the options to sign out of other sessions. How do I find out more data on those “other sessions”?
I looked around but did not get as far as I’d like.
Is my having IE opened and running GMail a day ago another session?
There is a lot of times "Currently being used in 1 other location " shows. I do not have a smart phone or laptop etc… that another session could be running on.
If another person is responsible how do I track it down.
I will change my PW but would like to see what I can find out first.

Again, many thanks

Great. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps. Last account activity

I got that far. Wanted to go farther.

What I need is a old Unix/Linux machine so I can go somewhere.

Thanks again

I am having the same issue with gmail and the separate google pages for hangouts and It will show my gmail (for example) for a few seconds and then I see “Aw snap” and it doesn’t work at all. If I refresh the page, it does the same thing. The issue does not occur on IceDragon or any other browser, just Comodo Dragon.

Hi, tesl! Thank you for the feedback.

We just released the 68.0.3440.106 version. You can download the new version here:
Did your browser update to this version, can you also provide more information about operating system, video card or AV?
We will investigate this further, but for now you can try updating and check if it fixes the problem.

[i]Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team[/i]

this is what worked for me (from Shane). It looks like it may not be beta any more.

If you don’t have the latest v68 Beta2 please could you see if that fixes your problem and report back?

Updating to this version worked, thank you! I was on something like 68.0.3396. I’m on W10 x64 with a GTX 1070 if that will help for others.