[newb] CPF freezes my pc at install [RESOLVED]

Hello everyone,

I’m new with CPF and I’ve got a problem at install.
With the latest regular version, when I click on the install exe file, CPF instantaneously freezes my PC (need to reset it)
My OS is XP SP2, running under intel dual core.

Thanks in advance if SO can advise me.



You might be better trying to install CFP in safe mode.


THX for your answer

you mean F8 just after bios boot ?


Ok, thanks for that

I gonna try and give you the result

See you

noway guys

I’ve installed CPF in safe mode, but as soon as in come back in normal one, CPF freezes my PC after 10 sec.

Just an idea, before that, i had jetico fire installed, but it is impossible to dis-install it .

May be jetico is making some kind of “hook” on the network interface ?

Any idea would be welcome :BNC

Thanks in advance


That is a strong possibility. Decent firewalls (especially ones that are great at anti-leaks like Jetico) will have hooks. You better ensure all remnants of Jetico are removed before installing another firewall. Have you asked help from their support? What about running a registry cleaner like RegSeeker?

I gonna ask for that uninstall question in their form

Thanks for the help

Comming back soon



After you successfully complete that, to be safe you should uninstall and then reinstall CFP once more (in Safe Mode).


You’re the best

Works great

After a manual uninstall of JPF (a lot of work …), CPF works well ; nice.

JPF was blocking the way CPF worked.

Thanks again for this wonderfull help

Regards from France



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