New ZeroDay Zbot

File: uxyl.exe
CRC-32: 03f9c6a8
MD4: a1adc6a1b1f33cdeae6bfe7c94e6e90f
MD5: 7110affaee1f1842d6a9ab64a1dc5405
SHA-1: 3f67f0f2ee8737d21ceed65cda3f69e207e39465

There’s no idea to detect that malware lol if you add md5
tomorow you will see it has another md5 and not detected
where’s the solution Comodo :slight_smile:

i submit the same file lol already update for it and today not detected :stuck_out_tongue:
comodo Scan detecter detect it but comodo firewell :frowning: not detected
i hav’nt comodo internet security there’s no payment method in algeria
But good luck peoples

Hi hicham0716,

Thanks for reporting.We will check this.


For past few days when I download malware from any site to test security products I am seeing many samples of this malware with different size, sha, etc…

And when I upload the samples to VirusTotal very few AV’s or none detect them. But Valkyrie almost always detect the samples.

Kudos To Valkyrie :-TU

And Kudos to CAV with integrated Valkyrie…

CAV :frowning: has 19$ but i hav’nt this money and algeria there’s no payment support

so im using firewell uniregonized files to check if the file detected or not
i see says (unknown)

The file has milion of md5 lol if i click on it again it will create another file in appdata the same icon with another md5 and size So what’s the solution comodo

i hope to join team

lol i think this malware playing with the anti viruses