New Years Giveaway - Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux

Genuine activation key:

I again wanted to take a break from posting but I couldn’t resist sharing a new year’s gift to all of you courtesy of Emil. I bet some of you have heard about operating system virtualization software such as VirtualBox, XEN, Hyper-V, VMWare and VirtualPC. If not, they are software that allows you to run multiple operating system simultaneously on 1 computer. For example, you have Windows Vista installed on your hard disk and you can run other operating system such as Windows XP and Linux as a program from Windows Vista.

Another very good OS virtualization software is Parallels Workstation. It is a powerful, easy-to-use, and cost-effective desktop virtualization solution. It enables the user to create completely networked, totally secure independent virtual machines on a single physical computer. Parallels Workstation is empowered by a lightweight hypervisor, a thin layer of software that “works” between the host computer’s hardware and the primary operating system. The lightweight hypervisor controls some of the host computer’s hardware resources, which results in dramatically more stable, secure, and higher-performing virtual machines. Each virtual machine has its own set of virtual hardware: processor, RAM, floppy, CD and DVD drives, I/O devices, and hard disk.

Probably not be as good as VMware ( :-TU), but someone may want this.