New wish request for Firewall to make automatic choices

1. What version of CIS, or Comodo Firewall, are you currently using:
?CIS premium not sure of the V #s but I reinstalled CIS just last week.

2. What actually happened or you saw:
?Firewall alerts that I know little or nothing about, and so feel i can’t properly instruct firewall to make the correct choice. on how to handle a threat.

3. What you wanted to happen or see:
?to have Comodo firewall tell me if the threat is a mild threat, a medium threat or a full red alert.
and choose a ( button) / response that, tells comodo firewall to take the appropriate actions it feels should be taken to protect my computer and my files, and one that Comodo’s experts would take if it were happening on their personal computer.
having a green colored button marked ‘comodo keep me safe.’
4. Why you think it is desirable:
?Knowing little about threats, So i can’t tell from the short abbreviations used if the threat discovered by the firewall is just a web site needing to install something safe so I can see the web page or if it is a very bad virus wanting in. ( had this happen several times) Knowing the difference is not my specialty in life, and I don’t care to know, as there are other things I want to know.
i picture that threats probably have the capacity to make numerous attempts, and to disguise itself and I wouldn’t know what those could be, but I trust Comod’s experts do. so if firewall can tell me this is a safe item just wanting to allow you to see the page and you can safely allow it, or this is a medium threat, or a very bad threat and you should block it and get away from this web page.

5. Any other information:
? Would like to see some form of graphics so I can actually see Comodo firewall working to keep me safe, and not just to leave me assuming, and trusting. I like like visuals, ( examples are: spinning graphs and wheels etc. during scans )
Moderators, reword this posting if need be, and move the sentences around if it needs it so this message can be easily understood thank you.

Are you specifically talking about the popups for the Firewall component, or are the Defense+ and Behavioral Blocker popups also confusing?


Please specify whether it is only the Firewall Popups which are confusing enough to warrant this automated choice, or whether the rest of the popups are confusing as well?


PM reminder sent.

Okay, as there has not been a reply I will move this to Rejected.

flywelder, if you are able to discuss this at another time please reply and I can move this back to the main Wish Request board for processing.


Chiron please forgive my long delay in replying, it is only because I just today discovered these questions from you! and that is because I honestly don’t fully understand how to navigate this wonderful forum!.. :wink:
I even have trouble finding my own postings! I’m very sorry! if it matters any though I will answer your question now.

) [quote author=Chiron link=topic=103706.msg754735#msg754735 date=1397656130]
Please specify whether it is only the Firewall Popups which are confusing enough to warrant this automated choice, or whether the rest of the popups are confusing as well?
Yes all these are correct.

I would like to add a idea for improvements, and that would be an easily found folder where all the scan logs automatically go to
so that later, a log can be found by date and then easily saved as a txt file so that it can be easily upload to a expert who is helping cure an infection when requested. ( plus, icons work well for me, just saying)

Can I make a suggestions for improvements to the forum?

If so that would be, to include a means or a link that would allow the user, once signed in, to easily follow and also easily find postings they started. By Just clicking on these words
" follow your posts " old and new posts would be included
this could be positioned right under their user name.

would this help me a lot? … Yes it would.
Thanks Chiron

No problem at all. I’ll now move this back to the main Wish Reporting forum for continuing processing.

Okay, although I just realized that Defense+ already largely makes these sort of decision for you. Nearly all decisions are either allowed or blocked due to the level of the Behavioral Blocker you have it set to. Thus, is Defense+ really confusing, or is it more the Firewall alerts?

Please create a new wish topic for this wish. I’m sorry, but only one wish can be processed per topic. This is so that it is possible to track the progress.

Firstly, I should be clear that I have absolutely no control over the setup of the forum. However, it is already possible for you to find all of your old posts. To do this go to the profile option near the top of the page. Then select Summary. Then, on the left-side select Show Posts. This will show all of your old replies, in chronological order.
Also, at the upper-right corner of the screen there is an option called “Show new replies to your posts.” If you select this it will show you all of the posts which you have replied to or started, and which someone else has replied to since the last time you viewed the page.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


That was great and very helpful!, Thank you again Chiron! You make navigating and learning from this forum much easier and educational for this novice! :-TU

Oh PS: I hope my reply with the screen prints of the ‘user interface’ made it to you ?

No problem.

As for this wish, I am assuming it’s really mainly the Firewall alerts which are most confusing. Thus, I will focus on those alerts for the time being.

In your opinion would it be enough if the Firewall popup were able to tell you much clearer information about the connection. An interesting wish similar to that is found here. If that wish were implemented do you think that would suffice?


Please let me know whether that other wish would be sufficient. If there is no response within a few days I will move this to Rejected, although of course it could always be moved back for continued processing.


Okay, as there has been no response, I will assume that the other wish would be sufficient, and thus move this wish request to Rejected.

However, if in fact that other wish would not be sufficient, please let me know and I can move this back for continued processing.