New wish request for Firewall to make automatic choices

As a novice user of Comodo, and green behind the ears of understanding fully what firewall reports / alerts are telling me, and each time the alerts pop up, my panic button is pressed and adrenalin flows in my veins.
WISH #1 There fore I would be happy, very happy to have Comodo tell me it fells this is a mild threat, a medium threat or a full red alert.
and I can choose an appropriate response to each threat level., or choose a response that tells comodo firewall to take the appropriate actions to protect my computer and my files, and one that Comodo’s experts would take if it were happening on their personal computer. I really like the automatic feature. and I picturing, the firewall alerts having a green colored button marked ‘comodo keep me safe.’ or a choose of protection level. at least I am alerted to the threat and can make the choice to decide for myself what to do with the threat or to choose to have a program that knows more about the threat than I do and what the proper procedures should be. Knowing little about threats, i picture that the threat has the capacity to make numerous attempts, disguising itself and I wouldn’t know what those could be, but I trust Comod’s experts do. But thus I can actually see Comodo working to keep me safe, and not just assuming, and trusting. I like like visuals, ( examples are: spinning graphs and wheels etc. during scans )

Wish #2. to be able to send log reports of infections found by malwarebytes anit-malware but not found by Comodo, to Comodo so that updates can be made to protect more people. Thus all of us Working together for a safer web.

Comodo moderators, I give you the right and freedom to rework my wishes above so that it reads better, easier and is much clearer. Work your magic please.

Comodo already uploads all unknown possibly dangerous files for automated analysis. Thus, I believe your second wish is already provided, albeit in a slightly different way. As for your first wish, please edit your first post so that it is in the format provided here. If you have any questions about how to use that format please feel free to ask.


Ok I reworded my idea and used the form. I hope it is clearer now, my idea sounded dumb to me when I read it . Feel free to re-word it again and to move my sentences around. I don’t mind. as I have been told numerous times I am difficult to understand.

About my suggestion for sharing viruses found during scans, I mentioned it because I for over a month I suspected there had to be a infection on my computer , but numerous full scans by CIS kept ending as green and secure, no infections found. SO on a whim just with in the last 7 days, I installed Malwarebytes. and the first time out it discovered a Trojan imbedded in my directory! it is now quarantined. I was amazed! and this caused me to wonder why CIS didn’t find it?

So that lead to my idea… that if I could send the log report from malwarebytes to Comodo by simply clicking on a icon / button so labeled, it may help comodo and thus other comodo users, as I was visioning Comodo virus experts updating CIS to look for this Trojan and a means to remove it., thus helping all Comodo users.
I apologize for not knowing Comodo CIS already did this automatically once I installed Malwarebytes and it found the Trojan. I didn’t know. Good idea Comodo, way to go!. And I suppose then it works visa versa for Malwarebytes.
This sharing of log reports is great for computer owners.

Thank you for creating the new Wish Request topic specific to the idea for automatically making choices. Let’s continue our conversation about that wish in the other topic.

As for this one, I can tell you that no antivirus software will ever be able to detect all malware. There are some malware which Comodo will detect, but Malwarebytes will not. There are also those which Malwarebytes will detect, but Comodo will not. Sadly, that’s just the way it is.

For future reference, if you believe your computer may be infected you may want to read my article about How to Know if Your Computer is Infected. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

I will now move this wish to rejected, although we can still continue the discussion.