New wired router Dlink DI 604

Ok, I’m in over my head. I have no idea if I’m being fully protected right now. The router allowed me to get online right away, no problem. I’m not getting any logging with the router and only the occasional inbound and outbound icmp echo between my router and modem. Do I need to set anything in Comodo with this new router to make it safe. I assume the router will handle most the inbound stuff and Comodo will catch the outbound. I did run the common ports and all service ports test at (shieldsup)and all was stealthed except 113 showed as closed (I didn’t get into the long explanation about port 113 on his site.) When running the two tests not a single log entry took place in comodos logs. I did get a few in the routers logs. Is this normal with a router?

I’m running XP home sp2, Comodo with default network rules. I only have 1 desktop and would only once in a blue moon have 1 other computer connected for maintenance. I do have some services in xp disabled including upnp etc. I also disabled upnp in my router. Please point me in the right direction or reassure me. I’m used to seeing lots of logs :o. Thanks, innerpeace


Not all routers have logging enabled by default. It would be worth checking to see if its turned on. Great example of this is the Zyxel 2602 - logging is turned off by default, but ionce enabled, you can enter an email address and log size and it will email the logs to you on a regular basis.

If you have a router in between your PC and when you run the ShieldsUp tests, GRC is actually testing the router as it is the first respondable device the test encounters on the return path to your IP address.

If you standard rules allow you to do whatever it is you normally do, then you don’t need to change anything, providing your CFP installation has the standard rules in place.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

The logging is on in my router, but I have not entered an email address yet. The 3 options for logging checked are system activity, attacks and notice. about 8 DHCP requests are all I see. I have only had 2 Comodo log entries so far today. I just find it weird that the router was so easy to set up and it appears to be protecting me. Is the minimal logging normal for both Comodo and a router?

In other words, I don’t need to run ‘define a new trusted network wizard’ unless I decide to share between the 2 computers. If I only want to use the router to share only my cable internet, I just connect the 2nd computer via cable and my comodo will protect me from the 2nd computer. Am I correct in both these assumptions? Thank you for your reply and help.

Unless you put each computer in each-others trusted zone in Comodo they will not be able to communicate.

If you only have one computer with comodo and the other without and file sharing enabled then i believe the computer with comodo will be able to see the other one but not the other way around.