New Windows 8.1 - text of bookmarks bar way too small

I realize this may be a Win problem, but I cannot find how to change it for Comodo Dragon…got a new Windows 8.1 - text of bookmarks bar in Comodo Dragon is way too small. I have increased the text size for menus, icons, etc in the “Display” dialog window, but it does not affect the CD’s labels/names for bookmarks.

Does anybody know where I can increase that text size?

By the way, I don’t want to do the page zoom thing making EVERYTHING bigger–I know how to do that. I just need the bookmarks titles larger.

Oh, I already have font size LARGE for web content in settings, but obviously that does not affect this place, only page content.

I apologize, but I am not a 25 year old any more. even with glasses, I have to make things slightly bigger to read easily.


The tab names and bookmark bar items are affected by the “Message boxes” option in the display settings panel. Also, please make sure that, after you click the “Apply” button, the indicated font size is the one selected by you. On some occasions I had to change the font size and apply it twice because the first time it didn’t stick.

Note: You have to reset the browser window for the changes to take effect.


That worked. Thank you so much!

(Who would have ever guessed that the bookmarks toolbar was a message box!!)

And you were right–it did not stick the first try.