New window opens standard session from Incognito

I have Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit with:

Avast free edition and Comodo firewall.

I have Comodo Dragon which starts by default in Incognito. I have the following extensions enabled:

Comodo Site Inpspector
Do Not Track Plus
Keep My Opt-outs
Qualys Browser Check

When I open a new Window from my Incognito session the new browser opens as a standard (non-Incognito) window. I’m not sure if this is by design but to my mind it makes more sense for the new Window to also be Incognito if I have chosen Incognito to be the default.



Hi and welcome tudorjames,
How are you opening this new window?

Opening a link in a new window should stay Incognito.
In the menu you will still have both options, a Standard New Window or a New Incognito Window.
Ctrl+Shift+N will also open new Incognito Window.