(New) Video Tutorial for very Paranoid Firewall Users.

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I looked at your guide and honestly its too much. Why make the firewall so much louder then it needs to be. Comodo is the most powerful firewall straight out of the box.

Exactly my configurations, except “DO packet checksum” I enabled it too. It’s not hurt my internet speed so why not let CFP be more protective. I didn’t set password because it is still causing CFP to crash when I click Traffic.
Yeah, call me paranoid user haha.

Instead of doing all this why don’t you get a hardware modem and be done with it. I don’t even need a software firewall but I like Comodo for the HIPS and program control.

I’m doing all this because my hardware modem don’t have a firewall in it, the firewall in routers is too simple for me
and I won’t pay for hardware just because his defence.

I have a 2Wire Gateway DSL modem and I have tons of options in the firewall. I can pass Shields Up with flying colors and not have Comodo installed. You can pick up a router for cheap.

I looked at your recommendation and I found nothing that lower the security below the stated purpose of this topic.

However IMHO even if newbies could be tempted to setup CFP to achieve the highest security level possible I guess that the best way to go would be to have them acknowledge that security cannot be considered in absolute terms and usually is the outcome of a compromise between user habits, policies, training, security softwares and user friendliness.

I guess it should be possible to achieve a good security level even not configuring the security softwares at the highest security level available.

Pretty good video for newbies. (:CLP)


Pretty good mate… Thanks for taking your time into making this videos! (CNY)


I posted the video you installation mode which can be found under this sticky: https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/games_application_installation_comodo_firewall_pro_3-t24179.0.html



Very good mix of video and text. Kudos to you.

Nothing new to me in that report. What does it have to do with ARP cache?

You’re contribution is appreciated, Thanks champ!