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I was notified that a new version of Cleaner was available did I want it? I canceled. Is it best to let it update to the new version or to uninstall and install the new version? Thanks.

I was updated to the new version 2.0.104740.2 from 1.1.64946.38 version. But in this new version there are some troubles. Main that all text is displayed as on a attached picture.

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This problem was also reported by another user and the explanation was the lack of the Arial font. In order to fix that issue please follow the steps from Cassiopeea Ursu’s post regarding the fonts problem, in this thread:

Please provide feedback to confirm whether it worked or not, if you can.

Thank you for your support.

Strange… I have all Arial’s fonts in system…


They may be corrupted. There are lots of situations when even the fonts are present, they display text improperly due to corruption. If you want, make a backup of the fonts folder from Windows and replace Arial fonts with the ones provided in Cassiopeea Ursu’s post.

Thank you for your support.

I think I was hijacked! Thanks

Re corrupted text:
What “Arial” font should that be, I have all the Arial variants that come with Windows installation and they are not corrupted - I compared checksums with files on the CD and all matches. All fonts are properly registered and display properly in other programs.

On 2 computers with WinXP SP3 - corrupted text; on computer with Win7 - normal text.

Please try to uninstall CSC and then clean install the latest version (Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac). Check if the problem persists. If it does, please post us the cleaners logs: CRC.log, CDC.log and CPC.log. These can be found in the installation folder of CSC in Program Files\COMODO\COMODO System Cleaner.

Thank you for your support.

Please try to uninstall CSC and then clean install the latest version (

Now normal text.