New version with more extensive capability has just gone live!

As you can see from the above analysis. At the bottom of the analysis it now describes the reason why this is found to be malware and in this malware’s scenerio the reasons are below

Creates System Services or Drivers
Hides Files from User
Load System Drivers

Go ahead and enjoy the system! :slight_smile:


Great work. Will test right away

i noticed this earlier, nice addition!

now we just need the ability for cima to monitor connections :slight_smile:

in the works!
plus much more :slight_smile:


Great work! this is very informative

Still takes a while to analyze, eg my Antivirus2009 Rouge. Though it’s a good improvement. :-TU


Brilliant. :-TU

Wow. Just wow.

This a system I have been dreaming of… something which will analyze malware and tell you exactly what they do to your system

No more mucking about searching for files that might be infected, or registry entries that might exist when you get a virus. This will make manual removal a million times easier!!!

(R) (B) ;D

Correct :slight_smile:

Even a more comprehensive version is planned for Nov.

We will keep improving this system.



Just happened to drop by… :a0 And this is what my eyes see!

Had to log in to say, a w e s o m e ! Hope this service stays on-line!

Now I’m almost tempted to learn how to program viruses, only to submit them! Fun! 88)

(M) Yay

Great work! :BNC

Another version was released today. Thanks Comodo. More useful than ever and with better interface.

it’s better looking now :slight_smile:


and imagine this very powerful heuristic capability in CIS :slight_smile: