New version or not?

Is there a new version of CIS available? I have seen a couple of references to a 2708 build and someone said it was what you get now from the main website. It doesn’t update through the GUI.

Yes there is a new version digitally signed the 29th see screen shot attached.
Have not started looking for the change log yet.

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Is there a change log?

Yes there is a change log. Thank you to Comodo and developers for making the best and only Internet Security one needs. :slight_smile:

Wonder where the change log is? Any ideas anyone i will have to find this

Comodo Internet Security Release Notes

Looks good! :slight_smile: :-TU (Only I don’t see any fix or improvement in the main GUI response?)

Now available via the program updater.
COMODO Internet Security 6.0.264710.2708 Released!