New version of Firewall crashes Civ III [Resolved]


Recently I ran an upgrade on the fire wall (to version 3.8.65951.477) and since then CivIII has refused to run. Every time I launch Civ the screen goes blank and I have to power cycle the PC. If I close down the firewall (and disconnect the internet) before starting Civ everything is OK.

Is there a fix?


Welcome. :slight_smile:

Did you try an uninstall & reinstall?

The rules might not be there since the update. Have you tried placing Defense+ in Training mode before running CivIII?

Hi FaZio93 and John,

I’ve tried reinstalling both the firewall and CivIII with out success. What I hadn’t tried was running in training mode. As soon as I did that the problem went away. :^)

Thank for replaying :-^)

I’m happy it worked for you. I’ll mark this thread as resolved and lock it. If you require it open again, please pm any Mod or Admin.