New version of Comodo firewall has blocked Explorer.exe

I hope that this is the right place for this - if not, please feel free to move it to wherever is appropriate.

I have just updated Comodo to the latest version (3.11.108364.552) on two machines and the firewall has immediately blocked all outgoing connections from Explorer.exe! It has added a firewall rule to Explorer.exe to “Block And Log IP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any”. As this is the main Windows process, this seems somewhat drastic. I think Comodo did pop up a message about buffer overflows on one machine but I am not sure and I didn’t notice anything on the other.

Please will you check this out?


Sorry, I forgot to mention that both machines are running Windows XP SP3.

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Any advice? Do I delete the “block” firewall rule for Explorer.exe or leave it in place?


P.S. Is this really a firewall bug?

Hi patermann,

I have never seen this behavior, but it should be safe to remove that rule.
If it needs to connect it will alert you again.