New version new problems

Hi. Well i’m using CPF and i visited the site of comodo today i saw that CPF have a new version released. My CPF start automatically checking for new updates and they were found,installed and i reboot my pc like CPF ask. I tought that when my OS starts again i would be presented with the new version of CPF but the only thing that was updated was the Lanch Pad. When i saw that i haven’t the last version i opened the main window of CPF and i clicked on “update” button, then appear a new window saying that are installing new updates. A few moments after appear a error message saying:“Error 108: Could not complete the update process”!!
My question is, i will need to unistall this version and install the new one to have the last version of CPF? Or this is temporary and soon my CPF will automatically update to the new version?
Thanks for your clarification
Be good (:WAV)


This error may be because a file became corrupt, not sure why, or even if that is why you are getting this error. However I would go to the Firewall Home Page and download and install the new version. That way you have a clean install.

same problem here… kinda annyoing when youre working on the computer and the same update process starts and then crashes over and over again.

this is a bug and we will have a fix for it on tuesday.
in the meanwhile, u can uninstall your current version and install the new version.
this will fix the problem