New version delayed ? [CLOSED]

Hello all!
Sorry if I’m maybe a little bit unpolite, but egeman said there will be a new Comodo version late August fixing some bugs and maybe something else also…
It’s 4th september and nothing… was it delayed?

Yes, Minor Set Backs…

But It’s within days Now…

They are testing it to make everything “Good to Go”


(:CLP) That’s good news then I’ll have a full house, add my Pro version Firewall along with my Memory Firewall I’d rate that combination

does anyone know of any bugs?

Thank you CGP Master for the answer. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

CIS should be good to go in some days now with a new version off CFP 3 in it. So my point is there will be a new stand a lone CFP 3 version (Just Firewall & Defense+ Bug fixes) in both CIS and stand a lone CFP 3. :slight_smile:


Good to know that 3xist. :slight_smile:
I can;t wait to test.

What, in a product that hasn’t been released yet?

So far it’s perfect. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Can anyone disclose what bugs were fixed in the update to CFP3? I thought .25 was pretty rock solid, so I can’t think of anything that really needed fixing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Star Shadow, one of the bugs is to be found here:

Read that thread carefully. :slight_smile:

It should be fixed in the up coming release.



It does have some bugs. I remember one that is very disturbing. The Network Zones does not work properly.

He’s referring to CIS


i meant cfp3

Looking forward to the first beta release…

Why not change CIS to CSI? (:KWL) (:NRD) (:WIN) !ot!

Myself and other Global Moderators have CIS (A Moderator Version for us to do internal testing), Which includes the new version off CFP 3 (Just bug fixes), So far, SO BLOODY GOOD!! (:LOV)


Yes, It is…

I love it


I just want to brag about it everywhere… Nah!!


Josh and others hi!

Have you noticed any improvement with respect to the following?