New Version 5.0.16 blocking printing in one app

Since upgrading to v5.0.13.3652.1142 a single application in Win7 is unable to print. There is a record in the Defense+Events shown as:

Date Application Action Target
2010-10-04 C:\Program Files (x86)..\Egp.exe Access COM Interface \RPC Control\spoolss

Prior to this new version the app was able to print without a problem. I have added the application to Trusted Application list, but this does not change the failed result. I am looking for a technique to allow this program to access the \RPC Control\spoolss so that it can access printing resources. Any assistance is appreciated.


Can you see if there is a rule for Egp.exe in Computer Security Policy → Defense + Rules? When it is there select it and choose Edit → Customise → Access rights → click on Modify behind Protected Com Interfaces → now look in the Blocked Com Interfaces tab to see if it gets blocked. If so remove it and Apply and Ok your way back to the main screen.

Thanks for the excellent and timely reply. That cleared up the issue straight away.