new version installed

Hi Guys,

The new version was installed successfully over the existing disabled (0.24)

The Add-on in Firefox was re-enabled. So far so good for couple of hours of work.

(no luck with IE8 as usual, though)

Vadym, please change “…… available for download…” in the announcement body.

My regards

Hi SiberLynx

Could you please descibe what you mean with “no luck with IE8”?
Which exactly problems do you have?

Hi Aiz,
The symptom is simple - no green border and described many times.
Last time here (reply #5):

My regards

VE doesn’t work here in IE8 on XP SP3 x32 with all updates (OS and IE). VE docs read that “VE start work just after installation, you don’t need to do anything” (original wording is not preserved).
VE (vengine.exe) is running, but no verification results are displayed in IE8:

  • either by loading SSL page, freezing mouse (no move) and waiting (forever);
  • or by hovering mouse over padlock on fully loaded page;
  • or by hovering mouse over site logo on fully loaded page;

Btw, i know how verification results are displayed because VE works in FF 3.5.2 on same system.

Hi SS26,

I do appreciate both your replies to my posts in this thread and in;topicseen

I was hesitant though what place would be more appropriate for replying :slight_smile:
I choose this one because it is more about Internet Explorer.
As I said many times already - I do not care about IE at all(never used it and never will)
At the same time there were several reports here in the forum about problems with IE… and it looks like developers are not very interested either ???

What you’ve described is a bit different: say,

  • I never experienced the symptom like “freezing mouse”
  • well sure “hovering mouse over site logo” - that actually I am not expecting since that is not working in Fox as well … only hovering over padlock in Fox gives green border several recent versions of V-Engine
  • there is no padlock in IE (at least I cannot see it; and I posted the image already).

So basically there are a lot of problems with V-Engine in conjunction with IE…
…the symptoms differ from system to system…

The only thing to add again & again: if there are requests from developers for providing information in order to pinpoint the causes - I am sure we will be able to do that

Thanks again for responding
My regards

it’s my bad English i guess… what i actually wanted to say is that i don’t move the mouse when i clicked the link in IE (in case VE’s green border dissapears from mouse moves), wait for page to fully load and… hope to see VE’s check results :slight_smile: …mouse is still immovable, ok i give up :stuck_out_tongue:

VE shows its green border by howering mouse over site’s logo on my current system as well as howering mouse over padlock (FF 3.5.2).

Haven’t seen your image but attached an image of what i used to think to be padlock on my IE8 :stuck_out_tongue: (maybe i confused something?).

Best regards,

[attachment deleted by admin]

SS26 ,

1) Well, the language is not a problem despite what you explained about “freezing” now is more clear…
I may tell you the truth - that is a completely different problem and I know about it the symptoms could be quite diverse and funny. I simply and honestly don’t want to discuss here. Don’t be offended. I have this issue “in stack” for the separate request. It would be very complicated if we would mix several problems and ad new ones in here. I am absolutely sure that when other bugs will be fixed - this one will be not a problem at all to eliminate… so let’s drop this one for a while :wink:

2) the image that you haven’t seen I posted in;msg318301#msg318301
and the padlock you are talking about is different - that is more “contemporary stuff”
green borders were working in IE with older versions of IE and v-engine.


p.s. back to the image you provided and the language - seeing some words in your IE makes me quite nostalgic because that’s my native language too ;D
World is just a big village

sure :slight_smile:

the image that you haven't seen I posted in;msg318301#msg318301 and the [b]padlock you are talking about is different[/b] - that is more "contemporary stuff" green borders were working in IE with older versions of IE and v-engine.
maybe so, that was my best guess :P
[i][b]p.s.[/b][/i] back to the image you provided and the language - seeing some words in your IE makes me quite nostalgic because that's my native language too ;D
What a surprise :) Greetings, brother-soldier :)