New V3 Update fucks it all up

Well, after clicking the update now stuff I thought it would be all smooth sailing. Not only did it uninstal my v3 firewall completely the updater didnt update squat, it kindly left itself in the programs files folder and made my computer and the others here just think Comodo firewall was installed, in fact it wasnt…not a trace of CFP anywhere except the update patch that didnt run after the restart it asked for. THIS was the beginning of the trouble. Throughout the day we tried to use Messenger, xfire, play some games, tranfer files accross the network, rule after rule was created as we are already comfortable and knowledgeable about firewalls and have in fact been using Comodo since some time ago. Up til now the CFP has never done us wrong. Maybe it is due to the fact you put AV scanning in there? It sucks, you people know you cant do Antivirus worth a shit. All your attempts have failed utterly so far from what the end users we know say and they are many, not to mention these forums are full of issues…
We at CyberOpTech Solutions think Comodo is doing a great job but PLEASE before you update to a new version of something ensure nice flow between updates.
Anyway back to it, we couldnt get anythiung to keep a nice network flow. Things were signing out, servers were losing sync, shit was not right…Only now going back to the older version of Comodo can we use the LAN properly again, not too mention the WAN…anyway Avast does a great job protecting the systems from Malware, you stick to the connections and we will probably feel comfortable using your products and purchasing online.
SO if you use Comodo firewall and have recently updated to V# of the new CFP then please check and see if its running and it it is working correctly.