New V3 Installation

Can someone please tell me how to “hide” the Defense + windows that keep popping up showing me information that yes, I am glad to see the Comodo is working, but I don’t want to read about it. I understand the initial windows asking for permission for different software to run etc. but these defense + drive me nuts! I put it in installation mode I think it’s called to get rid of them, worked great! Then a whole new cool window started popping up to see if I was sure I wanted to keep it in installation mode. Is this a conspiracy to rob me of my last marble?? I mean, I have the one left, only, and it refuses to divide and multiply so, that’s all I have to say about that, oh yeah, HELP (:AGY)

Going to the tray icon and unchecking “show balloon messages” will get rid of most of it.

OMG do not use install mode unless your installing something. If your getting little balloon tips on the botton you can shut those off by doing what sded said. If they are bigger boxes that say D+ alert you need to read them and apply the appropriate rule. Read the help file under miscellaneous. The firewall should be set to “train with safe mode” and D+ should be set to “clean pc mode”.