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back to Comodo last used v3.5 this is much friendlier.

   One question I blocked a system file and it stopped firefox working I knew which file it was but couldn't figure out how to unblock a process once you've taught the prog to block it automatically had to reload software to get around it.

   Other settiings I have ramped up my settings as per Chiron settings except I went for defense+  paranoid and block all for Port Stealth I was a little surprised the internet connection still worked so I assume it means block anything except trusted applications like browsers.

   On the configuration went for proactive defence as suggested not sure what that really means as I elected only to load the firewall.

   Lastly I have loaded avira as my av. I was an am a Kaspersky fan but I travel a lot and their licenses are area specific so if I am in a diff continent and have to reload it won't work and they say no way around except use trial software for a max time one month so by to them. Is a avira anitivir the best match with Comodo I didn't load te comodo as I have seen some poor reviews of the av part though not of version 5.0 yet


You may have blocked svchost.exe. Set it to Outgoing Only.

Avira is a usually a good match with CIS.