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I am new to Comodo. I had been using ZoneAlarm Free your years. I really did not like how bloated it became over the years. I then heard Steve Gibson say that ZA might be “phoning” home and sending packets to their servers. He no longer recommended it.

I tried Sunbelt, but it was too complicated for me. I looked at reviews of other free firewalls and Comodo 3.0 was recommended by PC mag even though it failed the leak test. I thought I would try it. I was intimidated at first, had trouble finding the program control. I like to control what programs access the internet. I like that it tells me if the program is safe.

I did ■■■■■ up the setup the first time. I selected firewall only. It confused me since the Defense+ was in the summary. I right-click on systray icon and selected Safe PC mode. I reboot and it was disabled. I then uninstall and reinstalled. I chose the middle option this time - proactive, I think. I chose NOT to install the AV since I am already using an AV program. I also chose NOT to install some toolbar. There were 3 checkmarks, I unchecked them. So far everything seems fine. Shields Up reports that my ports are stealth.

There are a couple of things that you sould know. 1) The scan during the install said that I had 2 files infected. I knew this wasn’t true. I sent the files to and Comodo was the only one that reported a problem. If you want the name of the files and the virus, let me know. 2) You have to disable the Windows XP firewall manually.

I am confused with the product names Comodo Firewall, Comodo Memory Firewall, Comodo Internet Security, and Comodo Internet Security Pro. Which version am I running, which is free, and what are the differences?

What are the different configuration settings in the systray icon for? Which one should be selected? I am using Comodo Firewall Security Configuration. I have Firewall Security Level set to Custom Policy Mode and Defense+ Security Level set to Clean PC Mode. I hope the configuration and setting are correct. Also, how difficult is it to install new programs since it protects certain files and the registry? Sorry for the long post. I wanted to make sure I covered everything in my first post. I should be a long-time user as long as the program remains free you don’t get carried with features and allow it to become a victim of bloatware. Thanks.

Hello!.. Long post. ;D
Welcome to the forums.

I agree that comodo is intimidating at first glance, If you stick with it though it’s well worth it.
In regards to the files that were reported as infected, Please follow the steps here;
Or, Upload the files on the internet and personal message me the download link.

To find out what your running… Open comodo → Misc → About.
Comodo Internet Security = Firewall,Defense+,CAVS3
Comodo Firewall= Firewall, (With or without defense+)
Comodo Memory Firewall= Protects you from bufferoverflow attacks\driveby downloads.
Comodo Internet Security Pro = The paid version. It has exactly the same features and same level of protection offered by the free version, Only that you will get additional support from comodo staff such as cleaning your pc if you get infected… etc.

If installing a program it’s fairly easy… A pop-up should appear and you will have to click “Treat application as… Installer or uypdater” Then defense+ should switch into installation mode while you install with pop-up’s that occur every 5 mins roughly. Reminding you that your in installation mode.

If you want to make rules for an application automaticaly. your best to switch defense+\Firewall into Training mode, Run the app for about 5-10 mins then switch back to your previous mode.

You can make your own configurations just by messing with the settings or you can use predefined configurations already made by comodo. Defense+ = Proactive offers the best protection with the cost of more alerts. But these alerts are only temporary untill comodo learns your system.

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