New user, so disgusted

I just purchased COMODO today after using the “free” version for no problems for a year.

#1–This paid version is the Free version only with “Buddy Call” support.

#2–I suddenly can’t get my browers to work in the sandbox (which is why I use Comodo) and guess what?
NO ONE at the “Buddy Call” station will help me or respond. I paid the FULL TECHNICAL support price and I
have not been able (in 12 hours) to get one person to help me.

I am so disgusted and I regret that I purchased Comodo.

We have always stated, there is no difference between the paid and free (software) version, just added online/call-in support features.
You may have to completely uninstall/remove the software, reboot, reinstall it.

Chiron has a wonderful collection of guides, you may want to check them out.

I use Comodo only because of the sandbox feature too & a moderator has confirmed that it is a bug which Comodo now know about, where chrome won’t run in the sandbox or virtual desktop.

The discussion about it can be found under the CIS-Help section, then the Google chrome & sandbox sub-heading.

Now it’s just a case of waiting & hoping that a fix for this arrives sharpish.

If you want to, PM me for a link to another free security suite I’ve come across, which also has a browser sandbox option which seems to work O.K. I can’t remember the name right now, but it seems remiss of me to post it on here considering it’s a rival of Comodo, & I like the way Comodo has protected my PC over the last couple of years.

Sorry for how you feel btw.