new user, question about using comodo with norton

i just installed the comodo firewall, and it said to first uninstall any other firewalls; i had previously been using norton internet security 2006, until i did some research and realized how poorly it measures up…
of course i can’t uninstall the norton firewall without uninstalling the entire security program so i just turned off the firewall but now it is giving me warning messages, which i assume i can ignore since i now have comodo firewall… my question is, is it ok to still run the norton program or should i just scrap it entirely? is it going to cause a conflict between the two? i’m really kinda mad that i just paid $50 for the norton, i am rather technologically impaired and didn’t realize there were any worthwhile free programs! :stuck_out_tongue: please help, i’m confused!

Hi and welcome to the forums.
How many months do you have left on norton? If you only have a couple of months or so left on your license I probably would uninstall and find a stand alone av.
One other option you can try is some programs allow a custom install (only install certain components that you want, not sure if norton does) but of course you’d have to uninstall nis first to try it. Hope this helps.