new user needs help

Hello: I’m forwarding this post that was left as a comment. I will let that poster know to check here for help.

Message is from “Jeff”

Well i’m useing the free version of the firewall only. And now if i start a browser or yahoo messenger i get over 200 outgoing connections ;( i have tryed reinstalling everything,like direct x,browsers,flash players,…. still cant find the dang problem thats runing ■■■■ on my pc. and all these alerts dont tell me ■■■■ since i’m a novice on what to except and allow ;( need help

What is making the connections? Using the “view active connections”, start the GUI >Firewall >View Active Connections you get a listing of what app is accessing the network. This is a good starting point.

Hope this helps


How is your basic set up of CIS?

  1. What are you configuration settings? Look under Miscellaneous → Manage my configurations what the active config is.
  2. Under Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour Settings → General Settings → how is your slider set? How is your slider set under Alert settings ?