New user - lost my email server

Please HELP!
I sucessfully installed CIS and 2 days later I lost my email server. I use Microsoft Outlook 2003 and have a highspeed Roadrunner connection. I am told that Comodo is not letting Roadrunner in.
I am not very IT savvy so what do I do? Time/Warner suggests I call Microsoft (like they would even answer).
Please Help,

Do you mean you cannot retrieve emails from the mail server to Outlook? Then look under Firewall → Advanced → Network security policy → Application rules → now look up the rules for Outlook and make sure it is set to email or trusted.

Thank you for responding. I did what you said and it still will not connect.

Hello Salesgeek,

Can you go to CIS, Firewall, View Firewall Events, Click on the button More and tell us if there are blocked rules in there ?