New User here

Ive been using Kerio 2.1.5 for ever it seems , ive used many firewall sygate , black ice defender , ZA , On and on .

I like the diversity of this firewall so far , I must admit I installed it today just to check it out from boredom hehe.

I dont like its big gui I like smaller guis that are customizable in size.

I dont like the log viewer I would like to have a more involved packet monitoring system .
I dont like the way i have to get to check the log area , I have to right click loader , then go to firewall then go to open and then browse to log?

I need a more direct approach option.

I do like so far the stabilty .

I do like the application monitoring feature.

I do like the learning mode , in a viewer so I know whats giong on .

I also love the (I can create my own rules to bypass ) thats awesome.

I think the GUI in general has great potential it just needs to be smaller and adjustable to user size.

All in all I think you guys are doing a FANTASTIC job and i will remain a user until/if this firewal fails in my usage.

" Thank you " for more up to date and user accesible , beta freeware .

This is how real programs are created by a programmer first , then by its users.

So far Im impressed :slight_smile:

Hey Marco,

Firstly, welcome to the forums.

There is a dedicated topic called the CPF wishlist. This is forusers to post suggestions on how to improve the firewall. There are also wishlists for the antivirus, the backup, IVault and the other Comodo apps. Comodo encourage all users to put forward their views on what needs to be improved, and some of the user suggested improvements are being introduced into the release products.

Can you please repost your suggestions to the CPF wishlist. It’s helpful, when posting to the wishlist, if you can also post details on how you would like an aspect of the app improved, rathjer than just what you want improved.

Again, welcome to the forums.

Ewen :slight_smile: