new user - help file issue

Hi everyone, I have just installed Comodo firewall, and let say that I’m really impressed so far :slight_smile:
The one problem I’ve had is with the help file, pretty much all of it works fine, but I click on the entry ‘Starting Comodo Launchpad’, I get a message ‘This program cannot display the webpage’ Huh??
Does the help file get this particular entry from the internet?’
Or this a problem with my pc? I ask as one of the reasons I’ve switched to comodo is that my AV (TMIS07) has caused a lot of problems, one of which is that TM’s help file produces the exact same message… If it’s me, rather than the help file at fault, what am I doing wrong? The only program I’ve blocked so far has been itunes, and surely that has no bearing on this?
Thanks for your help, and for making such a great program at such a competitive price!

Hi Confused - The launchpad was eliminated with the present cpf version. It isn’t needed anymore.