New user-having trouble connecting to work server via a VPN

I have used COMODO for 3-4 months now without trouble. However I am no longer able to connect to my office server using my VPN. I updated COMODO several weeks ago to version 3 and ever since I cannot complete the handshake . COMODO allows me to sign in, but blocks the return message to allow the connection.
If I disable the firewall I’m OK, but as soon as I enable it the connectionis blocked.
I deleted the firewall and reinstalled it, but when I did, I think I reverted back to an earlier version (vs. 2.14—) as many of the options for settings disappeared-all I have is Block, Custom, and Allow where before I had a 4-5 options such as PC clean, Paranoid, training , etc.
I read the help file,on setting up trusted applications, but frankly I was lost.
I tried editingthe application to allow In/OUT transmissions but that didn’t work. I also said allow to the application when the message screen came up the 1st time I tried to access my VPN after reinstalling.
How do I get the firewall to let me complete the connection to my VPN without disabling???

You’ll need to set up a trusted network zone between you and the IP address you connect to. This should be done semi-automatically if you have told the firewall to detect new networks as they appear.

If this option is enabled, when you first connect, you should get an alert about the newly detected network, prompting you for a name for the connection and whether you want to be visible to others PCs in this new network.


Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: