New User - Do I need other things besides Comodo Firewal

Hi, I have just installed Comodo and joined the Forum. It all looks very confusing to me and I could not find a New Topic button anywhere else. Maybe somebody could point me in the right direction. I have left Comodo at Custom level, but does this also protect my emails? I have CAAntivirus and Defender as well. Thanks for any help. Baird P.S. I moved from another Firewall and I really don’t know much about them. I am an old lady.

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Hi Baird and welcome to the forum
Custom level is what you want. Comodo is fully protecting you.
Your antivirus will be screening your email.
Here is a link to the comodo faqs that might help.,894.0.html

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.
Post your questions in the help forum.
Scroll down the main page to
Desktop Security Products
Comodo Firewall

Sullo, thanks for your answer. I actually read some of the FAQ and it informed me that I should click on New Topic but I never saw such a button on most sites. I’ll try again. I actually also used to use ZoneAlarm, but I had to give up on the new version, because it was too intrusive and clashed with my Antivirus programme. Baird

Your welcome Baird
There are a lot of us ex ZA users here, so welcome to the club.

Once in a particular child board, the New Topic button is located at top and bottom right corner the topic lists. Please attached picture sample. (I modified the forum with my browser, so mine is missing a few buttons and is more simplified).

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