New User - CSI Comment

(Disclaimer: this is my personal view. It only engages myself. If you disagree with the following, close this post and go on without hard feelings. Even thought I make it public, I do not want to make a debate of this)


I am a new user of CSI and new on the board. I am not native English speaker (i.e. I have a basic-low English understanding, but I can read computer manuals). I come from the best Internet Suite ever and forever (according to the advertisement), but far less when it comes to the end user comments (ESET v.3/4 on Wilders Security Forums).

I never like using ESET from D1. The modules settings are counter intuitive. The attempt to make protection simple for Joe the Nob made the software design bloated and sealed; on the other side the advanced settings are ridiculously over-confusing. Even the manual is merely for donkeys (functions are explained in surface and in a linear fashion). If it was not for the quality of the suite and the support of nice people on the forum, that was a bad choice (re-worded: what a commercial p… of s…). When you invest time on a product (product manual/functions/forum), it is not something you want to change too often. You look for the good piece, give it a learning time, apply the solution, and then focus on the production tools. And of course, you expect to remain in control and not be controlled by an Internet suite.

Reading the comment of a good ranked Wilder poster who was criticizing the latest ESET v4 and stating that free options today gave better protection, were wiser, free and more user friendly (i.e. combo COMODO + Avira) I began to think about it. Reading the lame answers from the ESET team along the thread (and some die hard ESET lovers pushing even more the ESET is not and never will be a HIPS thing), I decided to give COMODO a try.

I have to say from D1 I had the “wow” feeling: I am going to like this software. A protection software is by definition a burden for me. it is not productive, and it should be unnecessary in the best of the world (hello lucky Unix users). But Windows users have to get by. COMODO (v. 3.8 here) is smart. It is pleasant to use (as far at it can go). It is well designed. It does not force the user to accept every single setting. The manual explains the functions and shows some examples. And this is free, without nagware of any kind. I lack the expertise to judge the effective quality of n’ protection suite vs another n’ protection suite, but I can give my personal opinion: COMDO service should be a standard in the computer world nowadays. Well unfortunately (or fortunately) it seems one of the exceptions. More and more average users are switching to the free open-source (office 3, Ubuntu) because they are getting wiser as they are getting tired of the marketing hammer and the monopolies. Hell yes, I would like to see makers offering native Linux drivers for my notebook as I would like to have the choice to use another OS compatible with my software, without the bloatware or a prohibitive price. Computer is just a tool. It should serve our purpose. In contrast we have to become his salve because of too frequent reversal (not improvement) of marketing development teams.

To conclude this rant/comment, and because I have read some negative comments regarding the CIS usability: I don’t think one can judge a software in 15 min. (unless maybe to be a developer in the same field) It needs time to get acquainted with the functions i.e. reading the manual and using the software properly. It is also profitable to spend time with some experienced users on a board to broaden one understanding.

Well that is about it. I usually don’t write personal review, but since I had a happy first experience (and it was a bit unexpected - the happy feeling) using COMDO CSI software, I wanted to thanks the team to make this product available to all users.


Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts - much appreciated. :slight_smile:

You are right when you say it takes a bit more than 15 minutes to appreciate a piece of software, particularly security software and even more when it is something like CIS that allows you to configure so many settings to suit your environment and the way you want to work.

Please feel free to post any queries you may have. There’s a great bunch of users on here with a very broad range of experience.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello Panic,

Thanks back for your message. I am now preparing my questions related to CSI and will post them anytime soon.

See you on the board.