New User Comments

As a brand new (power) user of your Comodo firewall product, transitioning from another ■■■■■■ (unnamed) firewall product, here are some comments.

Great interface, with a few usability exceptions.

  1. Rules aren’t drag and drop’able. This is non-intuitive.

  2. Only two screen sizes… tiny and huge. At least the ‘maximize’ button makes it huge, but then it’s always on top (and the start menu won’t even come up). I have spent the better part of a day troubleshooting a program that won’t connect properly through the firewall and having the screen either be small (so I can see the other program), or huge (so I can actually read the firewall ruleset information), is just annoying. Being able to resize to something in between would be nice.

Besides those two things, here’s a feature request based on my troubleshooting:
If there’s a line in the activity log, having the ‘Reporter’ column is great for figuring out why it’s there. Except in my case, it’s coming from an Application Control rule, and that’s not helping me track down the issue. I’m setting the program up for zero blocking, no advanced security checks, invisible connections… everything… it still gets blocked. So especially with more than one rule per program, having an option to trace back the log entry to exactly what rule created it would be really nice. The ‘Reporter’ column will get you most of the way there, but not completely.

And by the way, if anyone could tell me why in the world my program is getting blocked when I want to give it unhindered access, that would be nice too. I have tried nearly every option I can think of.

Welcome to the forum!

You can also post your wishes and features-requests in the wishlist-thread:,1202.0.html

I do not have the same problem with CPF always being on top. I can even get the start menu on top of it. There can be an conflict with some other program?

If you go to Activity/logs you can see what rule that stopped your program. You can right click and save your log as html, and post it here. If you click on a log entry, you can read it in the bottom of the window. And yes!? :o you even have to scroll that little window…!? In the bottom you can see what rule number in Network Monitor that stopped it.

Are you behind a router? In that case, have you created a trusted zone?
What kind of program is it? P2P and torrent programs do have to have a network rule to work.